Devoted and Driven
Ambitious and Amicable
Committed and Caring

We love what we do

We happily spend our days finding unique treasures that we hope pique your interest and impress you. We have turned our true passion into a business that we can share with you in hopes to make a positive difference in your shopping experience. We take pride in our searching and shopping and choose only the products we would be happy to have in our own home. We only want the best inventory available to you for purchase. We believe that buying secondhand can also come with firsthand quality.

Our working process

Ask and you shall receive – we shop and search for the most sought after and wanted items by our customers. If there is something you’ve had your eye set on; inquire with us and we may be able to help you find it. We are happiest when our customers are happy! We strive to give fair and competitive prices on above average items.

About our online store

Thank you for visiting our page! MK’s Trinket’s and Treasures is all about finding quality secondhand items and presenting them in good and affordable condition to our consumers! Our story started in 2021, during the trialing times of COVID. Melissa was expecting and both her and Kerrie wanted to expand their hobby into a business. We started shopping Estate Sales and ventured into buying defaulted storage lockers. Since, we have found many unique and quality treasures to share with others. Upon purchasing storage lockers, we discovered that we could sell at both high and average price points – catering to a vast array of audiences. Online, you will find many items, as well as visiting us as at the flea market on a Saturday or Sunday alike. Whether you just like to shop random, or you are a specific buyer of categorized goods; we are confident you have found the right place to shop! Looking for something specific? We’ve got you covered! We are just two fun loving gals who love to shop and find the trinkets in the Estates and the treasures in the rubbish. We are personally dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy and can’t wait to return for more!